Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Starting the Online Discussion

We hope that you are nearing completion, or have completed reading What is the What.  We'd like to start a virtual conversation and learn what you think about the book.  To start off the conversation, can you reflect on the following questions and share your thoughts:

  • Do you believe a personal story such as Valentino's, a story that describes in narrative form the violence and political differences and suppression he experienced in the Sudan, is more valuable than a purely historical account?   
  • The Republic of South Sudan became an official country on July 9, 2011.  If you read any accounts of the event, did you have any reactions based on what you have been reading?
  • Did Valentino's story create an emotional response for you that newspaper reports or other historical reports could not? 
To add a comment, click on the "Comments" link below this posting.  A box will appear that will allow you to enter comments.  The comments link will identify "# Comments", and that is the link to select.  This is a moderated discussion, so posts will not appear immediately, but will be posted after approval by the moderator.